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Proud to be family owned and operated since 1935.

The History

In 1935, a young Jesse Hahn became the station operator of a Gulf station on Sixth and Walnut Streets in Coshocton. He had a dream of a hometown owned and operated business. He found the business to his liking and stayed for 20 years at the small station.


In 1955 Jesse decided to build his own bulk plant and become a Gulf Oil distributor. He built on the present day location on Rivercrest Drive.






When Jesse retired, his son and daughter, Dave and Ellen, took over the family business.


In 1994 Dave added Hahn's Quik Mart, a convenient store, to the fuel station. Hahn's Quik Mart, over time developed into a well established store. It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Today, Hahn Oil Inc. is a branded Sunoco fuel station but still has the same quality fuel and service. Hahn Oil Inc. carries all major brands of oil lubricants, services home heating oil and commercial farm accounts, and is a supplier to other dealers.

Hahn Oil is still owned and operated by the same great people. The third generation has also taken an interest in the company and have become a major part of the business as well. The Hahn family is proud to be a part of Coshocton County's hometown environment.

Hahn Oil Inc. 23089 CR 621 Coshocton, Ohio 43812